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Steiner Education

The WALDORF or STEINER SCHOOL movement is one of the largest private school systems in the world. There are numerous Steiner schools in the United States with programs from kindergarten through high school. Some titles on this important approach to education are:

THE RECOVERY OF MAN IN CHILDHOOD by A. C. Harwood. Probably the best introduction to Waldorf Education available. The work shows how the Waldorf approach to education is harmonized with the developmental phases of the child. Chapter titles include: “Threefold Relation of Body and Mind,” “The Map of Childhood,” “The First Seven Years,” “The Small Child at Home and at School,” “The Temperaments,” “Adolescence,” and “The High School.” The work is highly recommended to the parents of prospective students and anyone wishing a clear understanding of the Waldorf School Approach.

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THE WALDORF SCHOOL APPROACH TO HISTORY by Werner Glas, Ph.D. This important work is addressed to parents, teachers, and the general reader interested in education. It is based on ideas which have been put to the test in the classrooms of the rapidly expanding Waldorf School movement. Chapter titles include: “The History of Civilization,” “In the Quest of the Images From Plutarch to Bryant,” and “Seventh Grade and the Calyx of Modern Consciousness.”

“... a careful account of one aspect of the teaching that goes on in these Rudolf Steiner schools ...” (Commonwealth)

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EDUCATING AS AN ART edited by Ekkehard Piening and Nick Lyons. An important collection of essays on different aspects of Rudolf Steiner education written by prominent American Steiner School teachers. The essays cover such topics as the meaning of discipline, fairy tales in the first grade, the teaching of Norse Myths, an arithmetic play for second grade, the teaching of history, and the future of knowledge. Many fine photos.

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